Breast Augmentation w/ Lift

Many patients considering breast augmentation (also known as a "boob job"), also consider the possibility of a breast lift, and vice versa. These procedures are often used together to achieve a fuller, more “perky” result. If you are looking to restore breast volume or are looking to achieve a larger size breast when you undergo your breast lift procedure, then a breast augmentation with a breast lift may be the solution for you.

Breast augmentation in the presence of breast ptosis or skin drooping requires correction of the skin and the breast disproportion, in addition to the enlargement of breast volume. True ptosis of the breast is seen when the level of the nipple falls to a point at or below the level of the fold beneath the breast. There is usually too much breast skin and too little tissue volume in this situation, leading to the appearance of elongated and flattened breasts.

A variant is seen where there is adequate breast volume, but a high positioning of the lower breast folds, and the resultant appearance of low positioned nipple areolae. In either instance, upward relocation of the nipples and tightening of the skin is needed, along with adjustment of the position of the lower and lateral breast folds.

Breast Implants Used for Breast Lift

The use of breast implants with breast augmentation surgery can help to fill the “deflated” area of the breasts, providing fuller volume and giving the appearance of a lifted breast. In some cases, implants will provide the result you aim to achieve without having to undergo additional breast lift surgery.

Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation Surgery

If the skin has lost too much elasticity and too much skin is present, a breast lift may be required to repair the size and shape of the breast. Depending on the extent of excess skin to be removed, various techniques may be used (Learn more about Breast Lift Techniques). In some cases only an incision around the areola is required to perform the breast lift, meaning that the same areolar incision from the breast augmentation can be used for both procedures.

Please take a moment to Visualize a Breast Augmentation with Lift , utilizing our 3D Animation tool.

Without a comprehensive examination by your plastic surgeon, we cannot say for certain that a breast lift is necessary with your breast augmentation procedure. To schedule a complimentary appointment with a plastic surgeon, please call 866-372-3288.

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