Breast Implants

When it comes to breast implants, there is more to choosing just silicone or saline implants. This is why it is very important to discuss every detail of your procedure with your plastic surgeon. Information about all of your different options are available throughout the internet, but at the end of the day it is important for you and your surgeon to sit down and discuss the best choice for your body type, your aesthetic goals and most importantly your safety.

Smooth or Textured BREAST Implants?

Textured breast implants were introduced for breast augmentation to reduce the instance of capsular contracture and to help hold the implant in place. Because the breast implant is a foreign object placed in the body, the tissues around the implant form a natural capsule around the implant, whether it is textured or not. This is a normal, healthy process. The concern with capsular contracture is that the capsule around the implant tightens, restricting the movement of the implant, causing discomfort and a visible deformity. However, studies have not shown any indication that the textured implants have any affect on the instance of capsular contracture. Some surgeons still prefer the textured implant because it reduces the risk of bottoming out or unwanted shift of the implant position, but since most surgeons place the implant under the muscle this is not often a concern. The surgeons at California Surgical Institute use smooth breast implants because they last longer, cost less for the patient and have a decreased instance of rippling for saline implants.

Round or Teardrop Breast Implants?

Common thinking is that anatomical breast implants, known as “tear drop implants”, are better for achieving natural looking results because they are shaped like a natural breast, when in reality a round breast implant provides women with a more natural look and feel. Why? Because teardrop implants are more firm and do not change shape significantly with body movements because they are pre-shaped. For example, if a woman with a natural breast were to lie down the breasts will fall to the sides. With teardrop implants the breast will remain on the top of the chest, whereas round implants fall to the sides slightly like a natural breast. Teardrop implants also pose several other drawbacks including greater risk of revision surgery due if the implant shifts -a round implant will be the same shape even if it shifts within the pocket. (It is important to allow space within the pocket where the implant is placed for the implant to move around slightly in order to help prevent capsular contracture). Because a shift in position can cause significant problems for patients with teardrop breast implants, they are only available as textured. As mentioned above this can lead to a shorter implant life and an added chance of rippling. Teardrop implants also are more costly for patients. This is why the surgeons at California Surgical Institute choose to use round breast implants for our breast augmentation procedures.

Size of breast Implants (Number of CCs)

Because every body is different, the number of cc’s to achieve your desired result may vary significantly than another person with a similar size breast. When discussing the desired size of your breast implants with your plastic surgeon, it is best to describe the final result you are looking to achieve rather than the number of cc’s in your breast implants. The same principles apply to cup size. Studies have shown that the majority of women do not wear their proper cup size, and everyone’s image of what a “C cup” is different. There is a small C, medium C, full C… and it is all relative. The best solution to help you achieve a result you will like is to bring in pictures, either from magazines or from online breast augmentation before and after photo galleries. This way your surgeon can better understand the final result you look to achieve. For natural looking implants, it is important to choose a size that fits the frame of your body. The size of your breast implants should be proportional to the width of your hips.

Profile/ Projection of breast Implants

An often little known option for breast implants is the profile level, or the projection of the implants. Implants are available in low profile, moderate profile, moderate profile plus and high profile. Selecting the proper profile for your implants depend on several factors including the width of your chest, the amount of cleavage you wish to achieve, and how far you would like your implants to project. This is best determined by your surgeon after discussing your breast implant size and the final result you want. High profile implants are best for a small frame because the project outward, decrease the amount of implant in the area of the breast near your armpit. If the implant is too wide for the patient’s frame, it can cause an un-natural appearance of the cleavage or what many refer to as the “side boob”. Low profile implants are designed for patients with a wider set chest. Moderate profile implants are most common because they fall somewhere in between and are the appropriate projection for the majority of patients. Moderate plus implants are also very common. These implants have a projection in between that of high profile implants and moderate profile implants. A combination between the proper projection and number off cc’s will provide you with a natural looking result best fitted for your individual body contour.

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