Body Lift After LAP-BAND ® Surgery


Post-Lap Band Body Lift

Following recovery from your LAP-BAND ® procedure, you may begin to notice an excess of loose, hanging skin on your body. This is particularly significant for patients who were obese for a long period of time prior to undergoing LAP-BAND. While it may not be immediately necessary, you may eventually decide to undergo one or more additional procedures to remove the bothersome extra skin.

Fortunately, patients of any California Surgical Institute location are offered the opportunity to undergo bariatric and post-bariatric procedures all under one roof. For example, depending on which areas of your body have experienced the greatest amount of weight loss, you may consider procedures such as:

Known as body sculpting surgeries, these procedures are designed to reduce hanging skin in the target area. They are often performed on patients who also wish to reduce fat in specific areas of the body; however, as a post-bariatric patient, you have the option of undergoing one or more of these surgeries for the sole purpose of eliminating loose, unwanted skin following weight loss.

Or, if skin sagging is a major concern in all of the above body areas, you may contemplate a full body lift.

What if I have sagging skin on the face?

For patients who have lost one hundred pounds or more, hanging facial skin may also be a concern. In this case, a facelift (rhytidectomy) can be performed to reduce this skin - and, if you wish, tighten the facial muscles. If you are also experiencing the visible signs of aging, this can be equally effective in reducing unwanted lines to create a more youthful facial appearance.

How soon can a body lift be performed after weight loss surgery?

There is no standard timeframe for skin ptosis following LAP-BAND, as patients experience varying degrees of weight loss. And, because LAP-BAND weight loss is gradual, it is not often necessary to undergo skin tightening or body sculpting with any immediacy.

While monitoring your rate of weight loss, our doctors will advise you as to the proper time to undergo any of the above procedures. Additionally, some patients opt to undergo liposuction (lipoplasty) in order to balance and sculpt the physique. This can also be discussed with your surgeon at our facility.

While attending your complimentary consultation to discuss LAP-BAND, your questions regarding these procedures can be addressed. If you are a current or former LAP-BAND patient of our practice, feel free to inquire about these prospects with your doctor.

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