Plastic Surgery with Health insurance

Many plastic surgery procedures are covered by health insurance including breast reduction, male breast reduction (gynecomastia surgery), reconstructive breast surgery and septoplasty (deviated septum surgery). Lap band surgery and other procedures performed to address health concerns are also often covered by insurance.

Septoplasty/ rhinoplasty Covered by insurance

Some of the most common plastic surgery questions include "Is rhinoplasty covered by insurance?" The answer is yes and no. Cosmetic procedures, such as rhinoplasty performed to enhance and improve the appearance of the nose is not covered by insurance; however, septoplasty which is often performed alongside rhinoplasty is covered by insurance in many cases.

Septoplasty is an intricate procedure performed to correct and straighten the septum inside the nose to help patients breathe much better. A large percent of patients seeking rhinoplasty choose to also undergo septoplasty and vice versa. If you have trouble breathing or have broken your nose in the past, you may be a candidate for septoplasty surgery. A deviated septum is diagnosed after an exam during your complimentary consultation.

Rhinoplasty with insurance is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures covered by insurance. To be sure your insurance will cover septoplasty, you first need to check your benefits.You can do this by submitting the free insurance verification form. The doctor will also need to diagnose a deviated septum. Your insurance may or may not cover the full amount of your procedure. Easy payment plans and financing options are available to help patients afford procedures both cosmetic and necessary, but not fully covered by insurance.

Breast Reduction with Insurance

Large breasts can cause medical conditions such as neck and back pain, as well as cause discomfort wearing undergarments and when exercising. A surgical breast reduction can be performed to reduce the size of breasts and improve the quality of life. Breast reduction surgery also provides an added benefit of lifting the breasts for a more youthful and aesthetically appealing appearance. (Please note that scars do fade over time with use of our scar treatment program).

Breast reduction surgery is covered by insurance in most cases because it is deemed a non-cosmetic procedure since it helps to alleviate related health problems. To determine whether or not your insurance will cover breast reduction surgery please complete the free insurance verification form. You will also require documentation of back problems and discomfort which can be provided by your general physician or plastic surgeon. Easy payment plans and financing options are available to help patients afford procedures both cosmetic and necessary, but not fully covered by insurance.

Gynecomastia surgery covered by insurance

Gynecomastia is a condition where excess breast tissue forms, causing large male breasts. A common misconception is that large male breasts are fat and can be corrected with diet and exercise. Because gynecomastia is indeed breast tissue and not just fat, no amount of diet or exercise can rid of the excess breast tissue.

Gynecomastia surgery (also known as male breast reduction surgery) is the only way to correct this problem. Micro liposuction is often performed alongside the excision technique for a smoother, more flattering contour.

Since gynecomastia is a medical condition, patients diagnosed are candidates for male breast reduction with insurance. To see if your insurance covers male breast reduction, fill out the free insurance verification form. During the insurance verification process you will be able to discover whether or not you have coverage for this procedure and if so how much of the procedure will be covered by insurance. Easy payment options and financing are available to cover the remainder of your procedure cost.

Post Mastectomy Reconstructive breast surgery with Health insurance

After mastectomy, patients are left with uneven breasts and unfavorable scarring. Many women who undergo this type of breast surgery opt for cosmetic reconstructive breast surgery to regain their former appearance. This procedure is most often covered by insurance providers since it is considered a reconstructive procedure rather than cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive breast procedures comprise of two parts, one re-creating breast contours using a breast implant (often a silicone implant is used because it provides a much more natural look).

The second stage which patients may or may not elect to do is areola and nipple reconstruction, where skin is taken from a donor site, which often is the other areola, ear, eyelid or another donor site. Often a tattoo is also recommended to re-create a more natural appearance of the breast.

You can plan your breast reconstruction process either before or after mastectomy. Most insurances will cover both. To verify that your insurance covers reconstructive breast surgery, please fill out the free insurance verification form and a patient care representative will contact your insurance provider to verify your benefits and co-pay.

Weight Loss Surgery WITH INSURANCE

Popular weight loss surgeries such as the Lap Band and Gastric Bypass are often covered by insurance. Both procedures are deemed a medical necessity and have certain requirements to be eligible. These requirements include a BMI over 40 or BMI over 35 with existing co-morbid conditions, documented attempts at weight loss, physical evaluation, psychological evaluation and documentation of medical conditions related to obesity. To see if you are covered by insurance for lap band or gastric bypass surgery, please fill out the free insurance verification form. A patient care coordinator will contact you to discuss your benefits, schedule a complimentary consultation with the doctor and discuss the steps you need to take to qualify for weight loss surgery with insurance.


Other surgical procedures covered by insurance include: tissue expander after breast cancer, carpal tunnel surgery (carpal tunnel release) and dog bite repair.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery insurance verification Form

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