Latisse Eye Lash Treatments

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Get Longer, Darker, Fuller Lashes

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars each month on eyelash extensions? Frustrated with applying fake eyelashes?

How about spending tons of money on mascaras that promise to make your lashes longer and fuller?

Then Latisse is the perfect solution for you!

What is Latisse?

Latisse is the first scientifically tested, FDA approved treatment clinically tested to improve the length, darkness and fullness of eyelashes.

Unretouched before and after photos of Latisse™ at baseline and 16 weeks

How Do I Apply Latisse?

  • Make sure your face is clean. Remove Contact Lenses.
  • Hold sterile applicator horizontally and place one drop of Latisse onto the brush, but not on the very tip.
  • Brush along the base of your upper lash line, from the inner part of your eye outward.
  • Blot away any excess solution that has traveled outside the lash line area.
  • Repeat for 2nd eye, using a new sterile applicator.
  • Dispose of applicator brush after use.


Frequently Asked Latisse Questions

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Results from Latisse can be seen after 4-8 weeks of the eyelash treatment. You will see full results after 16 weeks.

Is Latisse a Permanent?

In order to maintain results, you will need to continue the eyelash treatment. Once the use of Latisse has stopped, your eyelashes will return to their previous state after several weeks.

Is Latisse Safe?

Risks of Latisse: No major risks have been associated with the use of Latisse. A small percentage of patients may experience mild eye irritation, including redness or itching, but this will dissapate after a short period of time and has no lasting negative effects. As always, it is important to use this treatment as indicated on the instructions to ensure optimal results.

You should not use Latisse if you have been previously diagnosed with eye pressure problems or are currently taking medication for any eye pressure conditions. If you have a family history or have a high risk of having glaucoma, it is important that you speak with your ophthalmologist prior to beginning treatment.

What If Latisse Gets In Your Eye?

Do not worry if Latisse gets in your eye. It may cause temporary mild irritation, but will go away soon. There is no need to rinse the eye out with water.

Is Latisse Safe if You Wear Contacts?

Yes. Latisse is safe for patients who wear contacts; however, it is important to remove contacts before applying the treatment to the lash line.

Can You Wear Mascara with Latisse?

Yes. Although you may no longer see a need for mascara after 2-4 months of treatment, you are still able to apply mascara to their lashes as usual as long as you are not wearing mascara while applying the treatment.


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